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Our hosting network has grown a lot since the day we got our very first server. But we still have the same values. Our focus has always been on the needs of our customers. To build a platform our customers love to use and talk about.

6 Reasons Why Aonap

Our aim is long-term sustained growth and as such we want to keep you as a customer for life. To do that, we combine cutting edge technology with excellent support.

Problem Solvers

We believe business is about solving problems, not making money. We constantly reinvest profits to build the best company possible.

Customer Success

We look out for our clients and won’t sell a plan that doesn't meet your needs or budget. If we make a mistake we’ll admit to it and make it right.

Quality In Mind

We believe you get what you pay for. We spend whatever’s needed for the best reliability and performance. We own our own equipment and never cut corners.


We believe in being open and trustworthy. This includes having a clear and fair billing policy with no hidden “extras” or surprise renewal prices!

UK Support

We believe that quality support is a right. Support should be superb, personal and easy to obtain. We will never outsource our support.

Green Technology

We all have a responsibility towards protecting our home. 100% renewable energy at all sites and are actively searching for ways to reduce our impact.

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Customers like us because we are efficient and honest.

We’ve built a range of advanced hosting solutions. For example, our cloud hosting systems from small ‘private clouds’ to large-scale, load-balanced ‘public cloud’ systems serving tens of thousands of websites with the capacity to host nationally-advertised events without disruption: no reboots/resizes required.

Being different is in our DNA

We operate in a way that these large investment/pension fund operated corporations cannot hope to match. To do so would cost them profit, something their shareholders would not be happy about!

We’re entirely family owned

There are no shareholder pressures to deliver returns. With no profit motive we’re free to spend money wherever we think it could improve the service, something we do all the time.

Aonap Team

Absolutely committed to keeping your website online and providing exceptional support. Come and see the people behind Aonap.


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