The idea of Big Data has transformed how businesses are run. The idea that enterprise-class databases can be used to store and sort large amounts of information, mining for pivotal observations or simply identifying patterns, is not anything new. However, as these databases grow exponentially large, the technologies needed to manage them have been forced to evolve along with the size of the data. Otherwise, the trying to make sense of large datasets would be impossible or prohibitively challenging.

Database Agnostic Infrastructure

  • Studies have shown that when a web design provider also provides hosting services to their clients, they receive more design work in the future.

Hybrid Platform Benefits

  • By hosting your Big Data system on Aonap’s hybrid platform, you can take advantage of the right infrastructure component for each aspect of your operation. Use physical, replicated database servers to store your data, while leveraging cloud computing resources to process the information in your database. This enables a wide range of cost saving and efficiency increasing possibilities.

Experience in the Right Technologies

  • We have extensive experience in both SQL and NoSQL databases, database server replication, clustering, advanced services and more. Our private network enables rapid transmission of information.

Wide-Range of Database Platforms Supported

Leverage the right database platform for the job in a software-agnostic environment.

Rapid Prototyping and Scaling

Deploy new resources rapidly and destroy them as soon as you’re done using them. Scale existing resources up monetarily to handle a workflow, then scale back down when the workflow is complete.

Automate Routine & Non-Routine Functions

Leverage our extensive automation platform to automate parts of your operation that are repetitive.

Less Errors means Less Need for Re-Do’s

Another benefit of using automation to perform routine and non-routine tasks is the reduced error rate; automated systems are more accurate and less likely to malfunction than a human being.

Increase Internal Efficiency and Profit Margins

Leveraging our automation and technology will reduce the amount of time you spend doing routine things, and will reduce the number of people you need to hire to do those things. That will directly impact your profitability.

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