Security Products and Services

Aonap staff is disciplined in a variety of security services. We offer RealExpert™ security audits, Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning and much, much more. For a breakdown of Aonap Security related services, please scroll down.

Aonap Exclusive: Free SSL Certificates for Life

Aonap customers receive the benefit of an unlimited number of Free GlobalSign SSL Certificates that can be deployed on any Aonap infrastructure product (such as Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud instances or Private Clouds.)

Security Services

RealExpert™ Security Audits will be conducted on request by our experienced team of administrators, and will cover the many known security exploits on your managed server.

RealExpert™ Security Audit £150.00 per audit for Linux
£200.00 per audit for Windows
Server Side Anti-Virus Scanning £5 per month
Software Firewall Configuration £5 per month
Kernel & OS Updates £25 per month

Please note: Security scan does not include scanning of applications or custom written code. Scan focuses on base operating system and core applications. Certain limitations do apply, so please inquire for details or to schedule monthly service.

Secure Cloud

Using proprietary technologies, both our public and private clouds offer a variety of security features. Multi-tenant cloud instances are protected using distinct levels of trust, privacy, and confidentiality spanning all physical resources a particular customer uses. Even when a customer is sharing hardware with multiple users, each is logically separated on the hypervisor layer and has the capability to hook into software and hardware directly. In a single-tenant, private cloud space, networks are locked down on multiple logical layers. If the customer wishes to have a completely internal private cloud space, they can use our private, out-of-band network, completely separating themselves the entire network.

Anti-Virus Security

NOD32 Anti-Virus is an installed and managed server side anti-virus software suite. Includes regular fingerprint updates. Anti-virus software provided by E-SET Corp.

Spam Filtering £39.95 per year per domain name
Inbound E-mail Anti-Virus £5.00 per month
Dedicated MailFoundry Device Contact Sales

SSL Certificates

Aonap customers get the benefit of Unlimited GlobalSign SSL Certificates for Free. GeoTrust certificates are available upon request.

GlobalSign Alpha SSL Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Domain SSL Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Alpha SSL Wild Card Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wild Card Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Extended Validation – 1 Year £299 per year
GlobalSign Extended Validation – 2 Year £399 per 2 years

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