Magento Experts

Get instant support whenever you need it. We leave no questions unanswered! A dedicated team of support experts will assist you with any roadblock standing in-between you and success. Regardless if it’s day or night, they are always on the watch.

Magento Optimized Servers

With the latest PHP, MySQL updates and a multi-tier Litespeed cache layer, your Magento store will handle up to 3 times more requests in the same amount of time! Take user experience to the next level with outstanding cart performance.

Peak Cart Performance

Ensure the best online shopping experience for all your visitors with Magento optimized hosting. Customize and create a cart that makes sales like it’s Black Friday every day!

Magento is an open-source platform that powers many popular eCommerce stores found on the internet. It focuses on providing online business owners with a solid platform that they can use to sell both physical and virtual goods. Constant updates and improvements make Magento one of the top picks for both beginners and advanced developers.

Magento hosting aims to provide you with a web hosting environment that is optimized for the best Magento performance. HTTP/2, the latest stable PHP and MySQL updates with fast server-side cache make every eCommerce website convert visitors to paying customers in the blink of an eye. Perfected and improved over the years, we have developed custom solutions for small and big stores alike!

With the right setup, it surely can! And this is exactly what we offer here at Aonap. A chance to start a Magento store on affordable web hosting plans that don’t fall short on power. And in case you need more of it, we’re always ready to provide you with top solutions. Start small and grow big with Aonap!