Advanced Cache

Taking OpenCart hosting to the next level with advanced cache options like Memcached, Redis and Varnish.

Optimized Stack

Advanced stack technology options such as Apache and Nginx, PHP-FPM optimized to deliver the best OpenCart web hosting experience.

HTTP/2 Supported

All our cloud servers are HTTP/2 enabled, improving the user experience and how visitors access your OpenCart website.

For Aonap, it’s a breeze. Our managed cloud hosting platform is built to accommodate websites of any size and scale. Our Platform offers scalability options to ensure that your store always have the resources for smooth performance.

With Aonap Hosting being your choice for OpenCart hosting, you won’t have to worry about security being an issue because of platform-level firewalls and prompt patching of the server infrastructure.

This is made possible by the TandemStack, our homebrewed recipe of servers (Apache and NGINX) and cache technologies (Varnish, Memcached and Redis). In addition, our cloud engineers make sure that the Aonap Platform remains optimized at all times.