Easy to Use

Starting your own eCommerce store just got easier. PrestaShop has the tools you need to achieve success: a flexible administrative panel, extensive documentation and more. No technical knowledge needed to build an online shop!


Keep up with the latest trends and technological advancements! Mobile search traffic is bigger than ever before. Drive it all to your mobile-friendly PrestaShop store and make more sales!

eCommerce Oriented

Build your store on a platform that means business! PrestaShop is purely focused towards eCommerce, hence you’ll get the best cart performance and features on offer.

Primarily used to build online stores, PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce solution. Developed using PHP and MySQL programming languages, it offers the user a robust platform with all the essential tools to set up a store and make sales online. Currently, it powers over 250 thousand stores worldwide and holds roughly 1.5% of the CMS market share.

PrestaShop hosting focuses on providing the best performing environment for your online store. Custom server configuration, latest PHP and MySQL versions, integrated caching, and HTTP/2 are just some of the few perks that will supercharge your eCommerce website. Pair that with the benefits of CloudFlare and a lifetime TLS certificate and you’ll have all the pieces to make a secure and SEO optimized shop.

On Aonap, each installation of PrestaShop receives a unique directory name for the administrative area. Compiled using random letters and numbers, it aims to protect the back-end of your website from hacking or brute force attempts. To find your unique PrestaShop admin area URL, review the installed folders using File Manager. Once located, access it through your browser (for example: